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Elli Shawl 

This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD






Elli is a Crone Goddess, personifying old age and wisdom. But Elli also holds a secret strength that defeats the mighty Thor. You see, Thor underestimated this sweet old woman and agreed to arm wrestle her as a test of strength. Elli won the match, and later Thor found out her secret: no one can defeat old age. Elli’s clever wisdom won over brute strength, showing that age doesn’t equal frailty. Older women carry with them a lifetime of knowledge, experience and inner strength.

This shawl may look like a ‘granny shawl’ to the uninitiated, but a closer look shows practical knowledge paired with creative life experience. Garter stitch gives extra warmth with its insulating ridges, and it is knit with the warmth and softness of merino, mohair and silk. The Crone knows this will keep the wearer warm and cozy. The lace section demonstrates strength of mind and weaving of webs as the crone shares her knowledge with her community in a beautiful combination of stitches.

Explore the crone within you while knitting the Elli Shawl.

Yarn Requirements: 800 yards of fingering weight superwash merino, and 800 yards of lace weight merino silk. These will be held together throughout the pattern.

The peach toned shawl is made with Rhichard Devrieze Peppino in Changeling with Sugarbush Yarns Drizzle in Peach Sprinkle. The purple shawl is made with Araucania Huasco Hand Painted Sock in Andean Condor with Sugarbush Yarns Drizzle in Monsoon Mauve.

Errata: pattern says to use 5mm/US6. Should be 5mm/US8.

Butterfly Shawl

This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD







After many years of knitting the simple elegance of the original Butterfly Shawl, I felt it was time for an update. I continue to love the simplicity and versatility of this pattern - you can knit it in virtually any weight by adjusting your needle size. It is a good pattern for someone just getting into lace knitting as it isn’t too difficult, but it is just as good for the experienced knitter looking for a simple knit that has just enough interest so as not to get bored. The shape is such that it looks like a butterfly when it is layed flat (I named it while it was blocking!) and it sits perfectly on your shoulders so you don’t need a pin to keep it in place!

I have recently done a couple of samples in the fingering weight yarn Peppino by Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, and the drape works beautifully with this pattern. So I decided to rewrite it with this yarn in mind…

So, I hereby present the Butterfly Shawl Re-emerged, using fingering weight yarn. I leave it to your imagination to decide how many colours your butterfly will have when it finally spreads its wings. I have shown you a two and three colour version in the pattern, but I hope to have many more photos to display on the project page as knitters post their finished garments!

It uses approximately 3 skeins of Peppino. You can do all three in one of his stunning colourways, or two of one colour and one of a contrast colour for the two colour version, or one skein of three different colours for the three colour version.

Needle size: 4.5 mm circular needle, either 24 or 32”
There is now a chart included in the pattern, as well as updated stitch descriptions.


Clean Lines

This pattern is available for C$5.00 CAD

I love how the appearance of straight lines and symmetrical geometric shapes can give the illusion that everything is placed just so, and the world is just a little more orderly. For those of us with more than a bit of chaos in their lives, this little illusion of order can be just what the doctor ordered.

So join me in knitting up some straight lines within a triangle, in a luxuriously soft combination of raw silk and silk-mohair. You won’t regret it, I swear…

Yarn: Ella Rae Rustic Silk - 1 skein (400yd, 100g) and Drops Kid Silk - 2 balls (230 yd, 25g per ball). Yarns are held together throughout.

Needles: 5.5mm circular needle, 32”

Gauge: 15 sts x 28 rows in stocking stitch, after blocking

Finished dimensions: 59” wide x 22” deep


Comfort Zone

This pattern is available for C$4.99 CAD

I named this pattern Comfort Zone because it will take you out of yours…

It was originally part of our Comfort Zone KAL but has been re-formatted into a pattern rather than a knitalong.

The shawl consists of four triangular pieces, each worked separately but building one off the other. Each one in a different colour, with a different stitch pattern, sometimes worked in a different direction… this shawl won’t be boring!

Using Fynn by Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, this shawl works up quickly in worsted weight. Fynn blocks beautifully, becoming even softer.

As comfortable as your favourite patchwork quilt, with a slightly boho-chic flair about it, Comfort Zone will be your go-to accessory.


Firefly Shawl

This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD

Watching fireflies blinking on a late July evening is pure magic. And even on the warmest days you may need a little something to cover your shoulders as the sun dips below the horizon. That’s where our Firefly shawl and shawlette start to shine.

This pretty, whimsical accessory is a must for sleeveless summer ensembles - choose from a one-skein shawlette or more substantial two-skein shawl - both are quick to knit as they are worked in DK yarn. The simple lace motif will banish any visions of cool-weather knits, providing just enough warmth for summer nights or air conditioned environments.

Note: The Rhichard Devrieze DK is done in 4.5mm and the MadTosh DK is done in 5.0mm. The border is done in 4.0mm for both.


Lucky Day

This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD

Make everyday your Lucky Day with this versatile addition to your wardrobe. Knitted lengthwise, with alternating sections of twisted rib and clover leaf lace, this pattern is simultaneously easy to memorize yet has just enough interest to keep you from getting bored as the sections are not evenly spaced. And my yarn of choice, Peppino, by
Yarns of Rhichard Devrieze, is the perfect yarn to show off your lacework as the soft merino drapes beautifully…

Don’t let the number of cast on stitches scare you off, once you get going, you’ll be happy for the reduced number of rows you have to complete! The styling options we have shown in the pictures include attaching the ends together making it into an infinity scarf with the use of Jul Designs removable pedestal buttons. I love them for their ability to transform a simple scarf into any number of different looks.

The alternating clean lines and simple lace, the lengthwise construction, and the extra long length of the finished scarf will give you a great accessory piece that you may just call your lucky scarf.

Gauge before blocking:
Twisted Rib: 30 sts x 30 rows = 4”
Clover Leaf Lace: 24 sts x 30 rows = 4”

Gauge after blocking:
Twisted Rib: 20 sts x 33 rows = 4”
Clover Leaf Lace: 17 sts x 30 rows = 4”

You will use up almost all of your yarn for this scarf, so be sure to check your gauge if you tend to be a loose knitter, or err on the side of going down a half size in needle size.

Finished blocked measurements: 83” wide x 9” high




This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD


Knit your own version of a family ring with this customizable shawl. Short row sections are interspersed with time spent knitting with a birth stone colour of your choice. Commemorate special family members in your life like children or siblings or your favourite pets, and create your own Timeline. With four “birthstones” to knit, there are plenty of colour combinations !!!

I can’t wait to see your unique take on this idea - be sure to post your projects!

You will need:

3 skeins of your base colour (Charcoal). I only used half of my third skein, which allows room for variations in tension if you happen to be a looser knitter :)

Approximately 15 yds of each of your birthstone colours.


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