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The Lure of Natural Fibres

The Lure of Natural Fibres

So what's the big deal about natural fibres? Danielle gives us her take on the subject.

I thought I would talk a little bit about the draw many people have to natural fibres.

In a world of new yarns and new fibre blends coming at you at the speed of social media, it may seem like things are always changing.  I find it both exhilarating and anxiety provoking, because I barely have enough time to work with one yarn and really enjoy it before I have another in my sights.  But here’s my take on it:  like the world of fibre, we keep evolving.  We grow, we develop new talents, new insights, our tastes change. But at our core, we are still the same person.  It’s the same with yarns.  They may change a bit in terms of processing, blending, spinning, packaging, but natural fibres are still, at their origins, from the earth.  They originate from an animal or plant, and this ties us to this wonderful planet we are blessed to live on.  Many of us are drawn to natural fibres as a way to connect to the earth, and to fulfill our deepest desires to create, although you may not even be aware of it.

When someone comes into Spun for the first time, they will often comment on the “feel” of the store.  How it is calming, or comforting, or just an enjoyable place to spend time.  Trust me, we feel it too and couldn’t agree more. But here’s the thing; it isn’t the store itself, it’s what we have filled it with.  Yarns and rovings made from natural fibres.  There is a natural grounding energy to these fibres and if you take a moment to hold some of this lovely yarn in your hands and just pause… you’ll feel it too.  It just feels good.

So while this may not stop me from wanting the next new yarn, it certainly helps me to enjoy the one in my hands. 

Peace, Love and Fleece,



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