Winter Classes 2015



[ P r i v a t e   L e s s o n s ]

Private Lessons/Ask the Expert

Schedules can be difficult, so if you cannot make class dates or times, we may be able to accommodate you. Plus we are happy to teach you pretty much anything you want to learn and help you with your projects.

NOTE: Call ahead to book your spot!


By appointment
$30 per hour
(min 1/2 hr)



[ K n i t t i n g   C l a s s e s ]


Learn-to-Knit Continental (Beginner)

Learn the basics of knitting continental-style. Knitting continental (yarn in your left hand) requires less movement and causes less strain. As a result is easier, more efficient and faster. Is good for everyone but is the best choice for people affected by arthritis, left-handed people and for 2-colour work. Great for people with crocheting experience, since the yarn is held in the left hand and the motion of the right hand is similar to the motion seen in crochet.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Required: None
Prerequisites: None


• Feb 5, 12, 19, 26

• Jan 9, 16, 23, 30


Learn-to-Knit (LTK) - Beginner

Learn to knit in just 4 weeks! This 6-hour introductory course will teach you the basics of knitting with a fun, hands-on approach by an experienced instructor.

Class 1: Cast on, knit, purl, yarns
Class 2: Gauge, stockinette, patterns, tools
Class 3: Decrease, increase, ribbing
Class 4: Blocking and finishing

Develop a new passion, make some new friends, and join the knitting revolution!

Teacher: Bev
Materials Required: Provided
Prerequisites: None


• January 6, 13, 20, Feb 10th

• February 17, 24, March 3, 10


Learn-to-Knit (LTK) - Intermediate

Learn to Knit. Intermediate (6 hours)

Expand your knowledge of knitting. Learn to identify most common mistakes and how to fix them. Learn to insert a life line in case you have to rip back or pick up stitches on a previous row (before a mistake) and then rip back. Learn about choosing yarn, pattern reading, measuring and sizing. Also learn new technics like picking up stitches, making cables, lace knitting, finishing, knitting in the round and more. We’ll deal with problems you might have in your individual projects.                                                            

For both continental and English style knitters.     

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Required: worsted-weight yarn (preferably a light colour), 5mm needles
Prerequisites: Learn to Knit - Beginner class, or a good working knowledge of basic knitting skills and stitches

$100 + materials

• Thursday, January 8, 15, 22, 29



Continental for Knitters

This class is will introduce the Continental style (picking) of knitting to English-style (throwing) knitters. Knitting continental style (yarn in your left hand) requires less movement and causes less hand and arm strain. It’s the easiest way to frequently alternate between knit and purl stitches (think seed stitch, moss stitch and basket weave stitch patterns, ribbing…and the like) and helps enormously with colour work. Just imagine - colour work done using both hands! It’s also good to know so that you could alternate between the two styles of knitting, in order to avoid repetitive stress injury.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Required: Worsted-weight yarn in light colour, 5mm needles.
Prerequisites: Know how to knit English/American style: knit, purl, cast on, bind off, increase and decrease.

$30 + materials

• Saturday, February 28th


Top-down Socks

One of our most talked about classes! Come and join the "Sock Lady" for this fun, introductory course that is sure to have you addicted to making your own top-down socks.

Learn how to make top-down socks on double-pointed or circular needles - from working in the round to turning the heel to shaping the toe. There is also talk about how to choose yarn for socks, tips for socks as the perfect travel project, and suggestions for simple but high impact design variations like stripes and interesting ribbings to make a basic sock more fun.

Teacher: Bev
Materials Required: Sock yarn (please not black or dark colours), 2.5-3mm needles
Prerequisites: Advanced beginner/intermediate - knitters must be comfortable with cast on, knit, purl, increasing and decreasing, bind off
*Homework Required: Test swatch to confirm needle size

$65 + materials

• Feb 12: 10-11:30am
Feb 19: 10-12:30pm
Feb 26: 10-11:30am

• Feb 15: 12:30-2pm
Feb 22: 12-2:30p,
Mar 1: 12:30-2pm



Kitchener Stitch (Grafting)

Learn to graft two pieces of: stockinette, garter stitch and ribbing. Learn when grafting works and when not, as well as applications of it. Also learn to use Kitchener stitch as a bind off for 1x1 ribbing (very stretchy, ideal for top of socks, collars and neck bands). Get ideas and recommendations on when to use it and when not.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Required: Blunt needle, 8 swatches of about 20 sts/20 rows left on needles or holder: 2 in stockinette stitch, 2 in garter stitch and 2 in 1x1 rib (one of them longer than the other and started on provisional cast on)
Prerequisites: Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate knitter




• Saturday, January 31st
10:30am -12:30pm


Cast On, Bind Off

Bored with you usual methods to cast on (long tail, cable and knitted) and bind off? Expand your knitting knowledge as you work on more than five different cast ons and as many bind offs while making small swatches. Learn which is suited to what project when the pattern doesn’t specify.   

For both continental and English style knitters.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Req'd: 2 different colours worsted-weight yarn (no darks), 5mm 32" (or longer) circular needle, 2-2.5mm circular needle (any length), blunt tip needle
Prerequisites: Must know basic knit and purl stitches.

$30 + materials

• Saturday, January 31st


Little Needle That Could - Finishing Techniques

Learn the many finishing techniques: grafting in stockinette and garter stitch, cast on look-a-like bind off (very stretchy), tubular bind off, perfect match for tubular cast on in 1 x 1 rib (also very stretchy) and more. We’ll also review the mattress stitch for stockinette and garter stitch and weaving in the ends (tails) in knitting including reversible stitch patterns.

For both continental and English style knitters.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials Required: blunt needle, 8 Swatches left on needles or holder: 3 in stockinette stitch, 3 in garter stitch, 2 in 1x1 rib (odd number of stitches)
Prerequisites: Participants need to know how to knit, purl, cast on and bind off.

$40 + materials

• Fri, Feb 6th



Learn the basics of sock knitting. You will learn to make socks the easy way (short row heel), top-down and toe-up working in the round on circular needle or double pointed needles. You will learn to turn the heel, shape the toe, do the tubular cast on, graft the toe when starting from top and work a stretchy bind off when starting from the toe (tubular bind off). If time permits we’ll work a variation of the heel on a swatch, the afterthought heel. Socks are great to give as a gift or to make for yourself.

For both Continental and English style knitters.

Teacher: Mihaela
Materials req'd: fingering or DK-weight yarn, double-pointed needles & circular needle (at least 32") based on yarn
Prerequisites: advanced beginner/intermediate - knitters must be comfortable with cast on, knit, purl, increasing and decreasing, bind off


$55 + materials

• Friday, February 20, 27


To Wrap or Not to Wrap!?

Learn the short row technique and the many uses of it. Learn when a wrap is needed and when not. Learn multiple ways of avoiding holes in your knitted fabric while performing the short rows (wrap and turn, yarn over, Japanese method and more). Also learn how to use the technique for shaping garments (shoulder line, add extra shoulder room and extra upper back length in yoke and raglan sweater designs,   sleeve caps, bust darts, elbow, hem line, sock heel and more).

For both Continental and English knitters.

Skill level: advanced beginner/intermediate - knitters must be comfortable with cast on, knit, purl, bind off

Materials req'd: worsted-weight yarn (no dark colours), 5mm needles


$30 + materials

• Sat, Feb 28th



[ C r o c h e t   C l a s s e s ]


Learn-to-Crochet (Beginner)

Learn the beautiful art of crochet in just 6 hours! This introductory course will teach you the basics of crochet with a fun, modern approach by an experienced instructor.

You will learn the basics of crocheting : Foundation chain, Slip stitch, Single crochet, Double crochet, Half-double crochet, Treble crochet.

Teacher: Bonnie
Materials Required: None
Prerequisites: None


• Jan 20, 27, Feb 3, 10


Tunisian Crochet Basics (for Crocheters)

Tunisian Crochet is also referred to as Afghan Crochet or Afghan Stitch, and uses a long crochet hook with a stopper on one end. It is considered by many to be a cross between knitting and crochet.

Discover the art of Tunisian crochet, and learn the basic skills needed in this fun 2-hour crash course.

Teacher: Beth
Materials Required: Chunky yarn in a light/bright color.
Prerequisites: Intermediate crochet skills.

$40 + materials

• Tues, Feb 24th


One Skein Projects; Chunky Ribbed Cowl

Learn to make Beth's original "Chunky Ribbed Cowl" pattern using a simple rib stitch and one skein of yarn! This pattern is perfect for all levels of crocheters, and can be easily modified to fit your own taste.

This easy-to-read pattern can be made in one evening, and makes a great gift.

Teacher: Beth
Materials Required: 1 skein of chunky yarn (approx 100 meters), crochet hook for correct gauge, two 3" buttons or three 2" buttons (optional)
Prerequisites: Beginner to Intermediate crochet skills - basic stitches and terms

$40 + materials

• Tuesday, January 27th

• Tuesday, February 17th


Crochet in the Round

Learn the 2 different ways to begin a crocheted project in the round, and the techniques used to make flat and curved projects. We will focus on the chain and magic loop methods of beginning projects, as well as how to recognize when it's time to increase or decrease, and tips and tricks for hiding seams.


Teacher: Beth
Materials Required: Worsted weight yarn in a light color, Crochet hook to fit yarn
Prerequisites: Participants must be comfortable with basic crochet skills, stitches, and terms.

$25 + materials

• Tues, Feb 3rd


Crochet Ribbing

Discover crochet ribbing and all the ways it can be worked into single, half-double, and double crochet projects.

Ribbing offers a dense but stretchy fabric that looks like knitting, with the speed and versatility of crochet. Learn to create ribbed projects using the basic crochet stitches you already know, and develop ideas for creating your own projects.


Teacher: Beth
Skill level: Participants must be comfortable with basic crochet stitches - single, double and half-double crochet, and terms.

Materials req'd: Worsted weight yarn in a light color, crochet hook to fit yarn

$25 + materials

• Tuesday, February 10th



[ F e l t i n g   C l a s s e s ]


Wet Felting with Resist (Intermediate)

Build on the skills you learned in Wet Felting for Beginners!

Learn the basics of working with a plastic resist and develop the skills needed to create 3-D objects.  In this class you will make a bowl which can then be embellished with stitching and beads.

*PLEASE NOTE: This class is limited to 3 people. Classes fill up fast, so reserve your spot now!

Teacher: Grace
Prerequisites: Intro to Wet Felting, or a good working knowledge of basic wet felting techniques.
Materials Required: All materials will be supplied.



• Sunday, February 15th

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to select your preferred fleece colors


Needle-Felted Landscape

Back by popular demand! In this class we will learn how to paint with wool using a special barbed needle. The student will be creating a landscape on a pre-felted fibre background. This is the class to join if you want to use up your wool and fibre stash, and turn it into a creative work of art!

*Please note: this class is limited to 4 people.

Teacher: Saira
Prerequisites: No previous needle felting experience required.
Materials Required: All materials will be supplied.


• Saturday, February 28th


[ S p i n n i n g  C l a s s e s ]


Learn How to Spin

Back by popular demand! This course will make anyone passionate about turning fleece to yarn. The course is run over 3 sessions and teaches basic techniques of spinning and plying wool, including parts of the wheel, tension, and fibre. You will learn to spin from sheep to shawl.

Please Note: This class is limited to 3 students.

Teacher: Jane
Materials Required: Must have a working spinning wheel with 3 bobbins. *A few wheels are available for rent - for classes only or for classes and to take home and practice.

Prerequisites: Ability to work with wool.

$155 + materials

• February 1, 8, 22



Spinning with a Drop Spindle

If you would like to learn how to spin, but buying a wheel just isn't in your budget, a hand spindle or drop spindle is the answer. As far back as the Iron Age, the spindle has played a role in producing thread and yarn and it is still used in parts of the world today. The form and function of the spindle is basically the same everywhere - to spin yarn from fleece for knitting or crocheting.

Students will be permitted a break during this afternoon workshop, so feel free to bring snacks.

*Please Note: This class is limited to 4 students.

Teacher: Jane
Materials Required: A drop spindle will be provided for the class, and available for purchase after class.
Prerequisites: None


• Saturday, Feb. 7th


[ O t h e r  F u n   C l a s s e s ]


Bobbin Lace - All Levels

Learn to develop or continue your skills and techniques in this centuries-old craft to handmake your own lovely lace - from bookmarks to jewelry to lace collars and trim to doilies to tablecloths. Truly beautiful and awe inspiring.

Teacher: Isabelle
Prerequisites: None (for Beginner), Bobbin Lace - Beginner, or previous experience (for Intermediate)
Materials Required: 1 block pillow, 24 bobbins (double-headed if possible), white tatting thread (#80 DMC or smaller than #20 crochet thread), long non-rusting pins (5cm), pattern paper (cardstock, light but not white), HB pencil, .5mm black marker, scissors, eraser

*We sell the Bobbin Lace kit at Spun, and it is currently 20%

NOTE: this class is limited to 3 students

$125 + materials

• Sat, Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31
10am - 12:30pm




New! Lucet Braiding for Beginners

Creating a braided cord using a lucet has been done for centuries but never before with such a variety of materials. There will be many samples to stimulate your imagination so bring your own lucet or use Beadaddict’s dual lucet tool, the DUCETTE®, to experiment with.

This is a proven “fibre stash buster” technique that just might become addictive!

Teacher: Roxann
Prerequisites: None.
Materials Required: All materials will be supplied, and available for sale after class at 10% off.
We also sell handcarved lucets at Spun!


• Sat, Feb 7th

[ C L A S S  P O L I C I E S  -  P L E A S E  R E A D ]

• Pre-registration with full payment is required, either in person or with credit card over the phon, and is not refundable unless the class/workshop is cancelled by Spun Fibre Arts. Make-up classes are not available.
• Some classes have prerequisites. Students are responsible for making sure they meet them since they will not be covered in the class.
• Unless otherwise noted, materials are not included in the class fee. We insist on the use of Spun materials for our classes and offer a 10% discount for class supplies.
• Spun reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet the minimum required. Unless otherwise noted, classes are limited to 6 people.